Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clothes and Cookies Do Mix

I have been keeping a secret.  I have been secretly testing cookie recipes for the past three weeks. Shhh, don't tell anyone, I'm not ready to share.  I am trying to find a KILLER cookie recipe for an upcoming cookie swap.  I am somewhat competitive and need my cookies to be the best cookie in the swap.  Don't judge me.  My waist line is paying the price for my competitive nature. I have this belt pulled way tight to contain my cookie baby.  You smell that?  Is that a fresh batch of cookies baking?  I will share my next batch with you, I promise!
necklace:  borrowed
sweater:  Brooks Brother's (thrifted)
belt:  Target
skirt:  thrifted
tights:  Old Navy
boots:  Nine West

This outfit cost well under $100 bucks.  Actually, less than $50.  The skirt and sweater were booth thrifted finds.  Each item cost less that $3 bucks.  The tights were on clearance and the boots were reduced due to scratches.  Grand total for the entire outfit is about $42?  Wow, now that's a bargain.  Please share your favorite thrifted find.

Besos, Lynn


Mimi said...

I am a total cardigan girl myself..Love it with the belt and necklace...but I think I am loving your facial expressions even more!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Chas said...

I love your boots and your skirt is a gorgeous color!

natural-belle said...

love this whole look!! gorg!