Thursday, March 10, 2011


cardigan: GAP
cardigan: GAP (again)
cardigan:  ?
cardigan:  Target
cardigan:  H&M
cardigan:  Target


kdr*S said...

You sure know how to rock a cardigan :) BTW, Ive been trying to figure out who you remind me of...Google Nina Mae McKinney. She was a super pretty actress from the late 20's early 30's!

Baby Budget Blog said...

Hey, cardigans are a great way to pull a look together! Love that first pic! Your eyes are amazing and cute title!

ps...great purpleish tights!

Corie said...

I love all of your cardi looks! You must have a whole fleet of tights too ... lol

Did you know that H&M have buy one get one free cardis???

Thirteenlbs said...

Yeah, you look great in cardis- chic and casual. I just look mushy, haha! Love the pink one on your skin.