Friday, October 29, 2010



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little DIY

Hi, my name is Lynn and I am a trash picker!  Let me explain, if I see furniture out for trash I am immediately drawn to it.  I at least have to slow my car down and see if its some great vintage piece that someone is parting with.  I get it honest, my DAD is a trash picker too.  OK, on with the story.  I spotted a very interesting headboard and I had to have it.  So, I called my trash picking DAD and begged him to bring his truck and haul it to my garage.  He said, yes because he is a great DAD and the chief trash picker, don't tell him I said that, the trash picker part, that is.


I have been trolling some very cool sites lately and I got some really great ideas on how to spruce up the headboard and make it my own.  One of the sites that provided me with inspiration was All Things Thrifty  and  320 sycamore.  I took a few before pictures and I will update you as soon as it is done, good or bad.  I am so nervous about ruining it.  I have had it for almost a month now.  I cant seem to commit to it.  However, this weekend is do or die.  So, I have my spray paint in a glossy white, clear,  and KILZ primer too, off course.  I have an idea of how I want it too look so lets see if I can nail it.
Maybe I should do it in black?  What about, Turquoise?  Decisions, decisons!
Let me stay focused.

One coat a primer, well almost.  I ran out toward the end.  I have more supplies and now I'm ready to rock and roll.
Besos, Lynn

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashion Rut

boots:  Tommy Hilfiger

jacket:  Target
shirt:  H&M
skirt:  Target
tights:  Walmart

Fall is definitely here!  I love the leaves that are falling from the trees great color palette.  My son insisted we incorporate this into our shoot today.  Good thing we did.  Because, I ended up hating all the outfit pics today.  See, when I was getting dressed this morning I really struggled with  today's look.  I was running late and needed something quick and comfortable.  I covered those two categories, but I forgot to include fashionable.  Hello, that is the point of a fashion blog Lynn! 

To bad the leaf wasn't big BIG enough to cover the whole outfit.  I will try again tomorrow. 
Besos, Lynn

Monday, October 25, 2010

scarf:  Marshall's
shirt:  Walmart (Yes, again-sorry for the replay)
belt:  TJ Maxx
skirt:  thrifted
My photographer was a little grumpy today.  See, I woke him up to take these pics.  He fell asleep in the car on the way home from school.  Unfortunately, when he woke up he was in a really bad mood.  Anyway,  he didn't bother to make sure I was centered in the frame or if I was ready for the picture, nothing.  A couple of times I caught him yawning and looking at a stray cat that was passing by.  Good help is sooo hard to find!  That's what I get for hiring family.

I found these tights in my drawer.  They don't have a tag, so I am not sure where they came from.  Fun design, what do you think?  Not a lot of support, I usually like a little control top for my muffin top, but whatever.  Check out the buttons on these boots, cool right?  I felt like Robin Hood.

OK people, nothing more to see here, move along!
Besos, Lynn

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Purple Passion

I am lusting after these chairs, are they beautiful or what?  I came across them at the Home Goods store.  The price you ask?  $200, you think its worth it, HELL YES!  I am really considering buying both of them.  I couldn't possibly leave the mate at the store, it would get lonely.  Cross your fingers, I could not fit them in my cute girl truck, I have to go back for them on Monday.   Now, if  I can only find a white desk where I can work on my blog.   Currently, I sit in the middle of my bed and sometimes I do it at work, shhhh, don't tell my boss!  Neither place is comfortable or ideal. 
I am newly obsessed with glossy white furniture?  If you are a fan of all things glossy, in the furniture department.  Check out, the French Bedroom Company.  I must warn you they don't currently ship to the US, you have arrange your own delivery for a hefty fee. But, they have some really great pieces.

 I am currently working on a DIY project, and yes it both glossy and white!  I will give you a sneak peak real soon.  I am attempting to refinish a headboard.   See, I found this cool retro headboard, in the trash off course.  Currently, I  am on my first coat of KILZ primer, next I will apply the glossy white Krylon then a coat of clear!  Wish me luck, I am not a DIY gal.  I am newly inspired by the blog All Things Thrifty.  They have inspired me to at least try this project.  Stay tune, I promise to  post the entire project. 
Wow, sorry for the rambling...
Love the nail head detail.  They were very comfy too! 

Love, Love, Love the fabric. 

Besos, Lynn

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wow Wednesday

 WOW is it Wednesday, already?  I wore the wrong shoes for such a busy day, WOW, my feet hurt.  I forgot my lunch,  oh WOW the cafeteria tuna is better than I thought.  I tired a new eyeliner, WOW so far it's not any better than the other brand.  Oh, and finally, WOW this camera runs off of batteries? 

jacket:  Target
shirt:  Miley Cyrus for Walmart
tights:  Walmart
skirt:  Valerie Stevens (Thrifted)
boots:  Nine West 

Can you see the great pleats in this skirt?  Its so soft, 100% wool and not at all itchy!  My favorite thing about the skirt, besides the $3 price tag (thrifted), is the elastic waistband.  Perfect attire if you are going out for a big  BIG dinner.  OK, don't act like I am the only one who eats too much and tries to undo my pants without anyone noticing.  Its not just me, is it?  OK, don't judge me.

necklace:  Joyce Leslie
bracelets:  Tiffany & CO.

Look my headband matches my boots.  I was actually showing off my printed tights in contrast to my footwear.  I hadn't noticed the bad matching.  I don't like to be overly matchy, at least not on purpose.

Besos, Lynn

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where's Waldo Meets Inspector Gadget

 I have been waiting for the leaves to change colors.  At last, my wish has come true.  I so love the Fall after a long hot summer. 
I borrowed the coat from the Inspector, you know Inspector Gadget.  It is a very OLD cartoon, so excuse me for being a little nostalgic today.  Just a thought, I have always wanted to show up at my boyfriend's door wearing just the coat.  I think the Inspector would disapprove!

boots:  Steve Madden

The sweater made me think of Waldo from Where's Waldo.  It is one of my thrifted finds.  I paid $1 for it, score.  It's comfy and casual and perfect for my hectic Tuesday. 

Besos, Lynn

Monday, October 18, 2010

To the Maxi

I was unable to do an outfit post over the weekend because of pink eye.  So, I found some pics taken a few weeks ago before my eye troubles.  The smaller shadow you see in this picture is my favorite photographer, my 10 year old son.  He requested to be paid $1 per photo shoot.  He works cheap right?  I am really considering sending him to a photography class.  Oh, he would hate that. 

sweater:  Banana Republic
belt:  Target
dress: worn as a skirt-Marshalls
boots:  Kenneth Cole
I love, love, love this Maxi dress.  It is so versatile and comfortable.  I can't think of any item in my closet that gets as much wear as the Maxi.  I am going to remix this dress and post it real soon.  I can see it with a sweatshirt, a blazer, maybe a cardigan or a boyfriend sweater.  Oh, I know a tunic, no a sheer blouse.....  Lots of ideas.

Trying a new pose.  I look angry, not a good look.

Still didn't nail the pose.  If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

One Pink eye, One blue Eye

Pink eye, blue eye? What's a little pink eye among friends?  I went to Shecky's Girls Night Out with one pink eye and one blue eye.  I promise I used my hand sanitizer and did not spread any germs to the other ladies at the event. 
I participated in a beer tasting hosted by Anheuser Busch Company.  It was delightful and I must admit I was a little tipsy, hence the weird smirk. 


cardigan:  GAP
shirt:  H&M
dress:  worn as a skirt, Marshalls
boots:  Nine West

I am so nailing demure, in this picture

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back to Black, so long Red

I have adapted this from a blog I am currently following called my pretty pennies.   It is a great way to think about what you spend your money on weekly or in my case, waste my money on.  I am revising my budget so that it is more realistic, setting goals, and hopefully I will be out of the red, real soon!

1.  The most I have spent this past week was:  $20 for my ticket to Shecky's Girls Night Out, and $16 for parking. 

2.  Today I feel (still) uneasy towards money.

3.  Money can't buy happiness.  One free/inexpensive thing I did this past week that made me happy was:  Go to the (free) library with my son to pick up a book for his book report.

4.  I will consider this week a success if:  I put money into my savings account, and leave it in the savings account!

5.  One money saving tip I received this week: Pay yourself first.  I have heard this many times, but have never truly figured out how to do it.  

Stay tuned for pics/details from Sheckys Girls Night Out!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lynn and a little LAMB

Tuesday's outfit. These boots are by Steve Madden they are very comfortable.  They will be in heavy rotation this Fall, for sure. 
I am soo excited, Wednesday is Shecky's Girls Night Out.  I am a single mom, I NEVER get to go out on a Wednesday Night, did I say Never?  Well, unless it's back to school night or a trip to the grocery store. 

dress: ?
tights: Miss Sixty

boots:  Steve Madden "Mazzing"

jacket:  Gwen Stefani

I love the detail of this jacket. It once had several small buttons on each sleeve which I removed.  I  lost the final button today and someone almost lost an eye!  Can you say, wardrobe malfunction? 
  See the blazer is a lil tight snug, and well, I bent over to pick up my pen and the button kinda popped off.  No coworkers were harmed by my fashion mishap, this time.

Besos, Lynn