Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monochromatic with a hint of Denim

jacket: GAP (thrifted)
flower on jacket is a pin
scarf:  ?
sweater:  H&M
pant:  Banana Republic
boots:  Nine West

Fall is here and this felt like a very Fall friendly combo.  I was unsure if pairing all the browns together  would work, but I think it came together rather nicely.  What do you think? 

 I love these Banana Republic wool pants.  These pants have a great fit, are very classic, and will last for years, trust me I received these for Christmas 2 years ago, thanks MOM

I purchased this same jacket a few years ago and sadly it fell apart.  I wore it holes, rips and all.  Then, one sad day, I lost a sleeve.  OK, OK, CONFESSION---it was also a size too small so some of the rips may have been caused due to the TIGHT snug fit.  Fast forward last month, I came across this jacket, brand new for $11 at Village Thrift in Camden, New Jersey, clap for me........ Oh yea, its a medium!

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