Monday, February 13, 2012


I smell sooooo good!  I want to give credit to a few fellow bloggers who reminded me through their blogs, that this perfume still exists.  I wore this scent back in the early 90's.  Back when the only ONLY way to purchase Carol's Daughter's products was to make the pilgrimage to Brooklyn!  Oh, what a great scentastic experience that was.  Fast Forward to last week.  I was strolling through the blogosphere and at least 2 fellow bloggers where singing the sweet, sweet praises of Carol's Daughter's Ecstasy perfume.  

I love, love, love that it comes in this roll on version now!  How cool is this purse sized edition?  I ran, no really, I ran to Sephora after work and picked up this sweet treat last week.  Today, I keep sniffing myself because ladies, I smell just that DAMN good!  Sorry, I can't be modest when I smell this delicious!  If you have not tried it, I suggest that you do so , REAL SOON!  It is Mr. P approved, so I will be buying it in bulk.  Unless, I get a gallon for V-Day, hint~hint...

I must admit, I am a long time fan of Fantasy by Brittany Spears.  I go through one bottle (small size) per month.  No, really.  If you squeeze me, Brittany Spears perfume would squirt out!  OK, that sounded odd, but you know what I mean.  However, move over Britt.  Ecstasy has my heart, for NOW!

Besos, Lynn