Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Kate Spade aka "new boo"
New York

So here is my new boo!  It only took me 2 months to decide which bag to get.  Here she is.   OK, this is the back story regarding the bag.  A week before my Birthday.  Mr P took me to Nordstrom to look for a bag for my special day.  I thought I wanted the Tory Burch nylon and patent tote.  However, when, I got to the store I changed my mind.  I  thought if felt a little, well cheap (poor quality).  Then, I kinda considered getting the Longchamp bag for about 2 seconds.  Nope again, so to his delight, my indecisive nature won.  I ended up leaving the store with nothing, insert sad (indecisive) face here.  So, fast forward to last Saturday.  Yet another trip through Nordstrom's handbag section,  and guess who spotted this lovely?  Nope, not me.  Mr. P spotted this bag!!!  Today, is the first day I carried "her" and I must say I think I love "her, " for now anyway....

Besos, Lynn