Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Countdown to Forty One

This WAS last years Birthday cake.  Yup, in less than 5 hours I will be, wait for it, Forty-One!  I had a  hard time turning 40 last year.  41, initially, felt a bit scary too.  Why is the thought of aging so scary, any thoughts?  For me, it was all about taking stock of my life, reviewing goals I set for myself, weighing my accomplishments versus my failures, and remembering to enjoy all ALL that life brings, good and bad. So, I do feel older, but more importantly, I feel much WISER!  Thanks for the month long Birthday wishes ladies!
 Besos, Lynn

Another--Birthday Wish List

OK so, its finally here!  My Birthday that is.  Well, OK technically it is tomorrow!  I just wanted to make sure you all had one more day to shop for my gift!  Just in case you are a procrastinator like me...  Here are a few more things I am LOVING for SPRING.  Feels funny saying spring, since it still feels like WINTER, GRRRRR. 

I am really loving these galaxy tights sold by Black Milk

Still loving this necklace, I think this will be my post birthday gift to myself!  I would like the "blinged" out version, but my credit card has a strict NO  BLING policy limit!

I know you all recognize this clutch!  American Apparel, off course.  A must MUST have for this season as well.  I informed my favorite sister (only sister, who am I kidding) that I NEED this for my birthday!  Can someone remind her please, thanks.  She is very forgetful! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sorry for my sporadic posts lately!  It's my BIRTHDAY Month and I have been celebrating!  I will do better, promises-promises.  I will at least begin to stay current with outfit post and drag my camera to a few festivities I am scheduled to attend in the coming days, so stay tuned!  I have been experimenting with Photoscape since Eboni, from the Fashionista next door gave such a great tutorial.  I am a slow learner, but I will get the hang of it, I hope!  If anyone else has Photoscape expertise, do share...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I found these pictures on my camera?  I never posted them, how did that happen.  I have worn a variation of this outfit, but I like the accessories so I am posting the remixed version.  Take a look!

jacket:  Thrifted
sweater:  H&M
necklace:  borrowed
belt:  TJMaxx
skirt:  Banana Republic
tights:  Target
boots:  Michael Korrs

Oh how I LOVE these boots!  I purchased them at Burlington Coat Factory for under $40, WOOT, WOOT!

Besos, Lynn

Friday, March 11, 2011


tights:  Miss Sixty

tights:  Target

over the knee socks:  Target

over the knee socks:  Target
over the knee socks:  Target

I L-O-V-E leg wear.  I decided to post a few of my favorites.  I must admit to having a little encouragement from Corie to do so.  I love when people notice the details of an outfit.  Sometimes the acessories really push the outfit up a notch!  Anyone have a favorite pair of socks or tights they would like to share? 
tights:  Marshalls
purple over the knee socks:  Target?
brown tights:  Walmart/GEORGE

Thursday, March 10, 2011


scarf:  DIY
sweater:  Marshalls
turtleneck:  H&M
pants:  Banana Republic
boots:  Nine West


cardigan: GAP
cardigan: GAP (again)
cardigan:  ?
cardigan:  Target
cardigan:  H&M
cardigan:  Target

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Friends-PRICELESS

Just wanted to share a picture of some great GIRLFRIENDS! I had the pleasure of returning to my Alma Mater a few weekends ago.  I had such a great time catching up with old friends, drinking lots of Moscato, and talking about the good ole days at the SHORE!  GO HAWKS!!!!  I gave all the girls one of my famous scarves!  Besos, Ladies!!!!!


You ever have that staple item that just seems to work with just about anything? I purchased this camel Brooks Brothers cardigan for under $5 bucks several months ago at my local thrift store.  At the time, I was unaware of how much use I would get out of it!  As I scrolled through old outfit post, I noticed it has made several appearances, Take a Look! 

I guess I got my money's worth, and so much more! 
Besos, Lynn

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friend Friday-Beauty Finds

First, let me start by saying, this is my first real FBFF post!  I have enjoyed reading my fellow bloggers answer these questions and now, it's my turn to join in.  So, here goes:
March 4: Beauty products

1. What's your favorite drug store makeup product and your favorite
higher-end product?

I love to mixi high and low end in fashion and when it comes to beauty products, the same rule applies.  My favorite drugstore product is Cetaphil Soap and Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Conditioning body lotion in Coco Butter.  The soap is so mild, but cleansing.  I have very sensitive skin and my dermatologist suggested it, I swear by it for my skin.  Vaseline Intensive Care lotion (coco butter) is so light and mild I use it on my face.  The light fragrance does not irritate my skin or my allergies! High end beauty product is hands down- MAC Mineralize Satin Finish SPF-15 Foundation.  Last but not least, how could I forget, Ponds Cold
Cream.  I use this to remove my makeup.  It's cheap and it smells great.  I use this mostly before bed to remove my makeup and to mousturize my skin as I sleep!

2. Is there one type of product that is your go-to, can't live

I can't live without my tube of Revlon #735 Champagne Shimmer.  It is perfect for day or night.  It works well as a moisturizer and gives sheer shimmery coverage with a slight hint of pink.  Perfection!  I use a tube a month!!!

3. What's the best hair product you've ever used?
This is subject to change, but I would have to say Suave's Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner!  Hands down the best shampoo and conditioner combo I have used in a LONG time.  The best part is the $2 price tag.  No, scratch that, the very best part, are the results!  I have shiny, delicious smelling hair! Try it, you will not be disappointed!
4. Fess up, what's the worst beauty look you've tried to rock and look
back at now with a little shame or apprehension that you actually did

Finger waves, remember them?  OK just me?  I wish I had a picture to scare you with, sorry!  It was the 80's what did you expect?
 5. When it comes to beauty products, we all use the same basic
products. What do you use that helps show off your personal flare and

Hmmm, I like to look as if I am barely wearing any makeup.  My goal is to show off my skin, not my makeup. To that end, I always incorporate sunscreen into my products to protect my skin from the harmful sun rays.  I love the sun, but hate wrinkles.  Protect your skin ladies, please use SPF in all your beauty products!

Well, that was fun!  Thanks Katy at Modly Chic for providing us with the great questions!  Until, next Friday-Besos, Lynn


Another Furry Friday!  OK Actually, this is what I wore on Thursday.  I apologize for being so bad with my posts lately.  Back to the coat!  Don't you just love it?  It is my latest thrift store find!  I have been walking by it for months at my local thrift store.  I finally, decided to try it on.  So, So glad that I did!  I know you are wondering how much I paid for this big ball of FAUX-NESS.  I paid $12.90!  Yippie, for ME... 

Jordache, REALLY?  When is the last time you saw anything Jordache?  I never knew they made anything other than jeans?  So, glad that they made this coat, for ME...
Raise your hand if it reminds you of the Abominable Snow Man?  My son swears I remind him of a Yeti with this coat on.  He has taken one too many trips to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  They have a Mt. Everest Roller Coaster, and near the end a big BIG (robot) Yeti pops out.  OK, to be honest it is my favorite ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida too.