Thursday, November 4, 2010


This outfit was a total bargain.  It is a mix of a few thrifted finds and clearance sale items.  Gotta love the thrift store.  However, my favorite item of them all has to be the boots.  These Nine West boots were priced at $39.99 at my local Marshall's.  Problem, the one pair in my size had several customer inflicted scratches on them, don't you hate when that happens.  It's like people aren't sure if a shoe is leather so they scratch it to make sure?  Who does that?  Anyway, thank you to whomever did it this time, because the lovely sales manager was kind enough to deduct a whopping $5 bucks from the price.  Every little bit counts ladies.  I actually didn't mind the scratches, it kinda makes them look distressed, kinda.  Anywho, I polished them, buffed them with a little mink oil and TADA, they are as good as new!!!!!!!!!

cardigan:  Brooks Brothers (thrifted)
dress:  Target
belt:  Target
tights:  Old Navy
boots:  Nine West

bag:  Latico(thrifted)

OK, about this bag.  I paid $6 for it on my recent thrifting expedition.  It is made by Latico?  I didn't know who the heck that was, still don't.  So while in the thrift store, we googled it.  iPhone to the rescue, and discovered that this bag retails for, wait for it, $200?  Wow, really?  It's leather and has the nicest floral lining (reminds of a Betsey Johnson bag).  However, I have found the bag on eBay much, much cheaper than $200, but not cheaper than $6, so it is still a bargain find.  I promise to take better pics of the bag, it's such a great color and has a nice crinkled leather, my new favorite, for now!

Besos, Lynn


Elaine said...

Great boots!! Nine West has great shoes.

Coily Mystic said...

love the boots


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ooooh yummy boots! Gotta love NW eh? Thanks for visiting my shop, I've calculated postage for the floral dress at US $22. Feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to know more:

style'n said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love this outfit esp the camel/brown paired up with the florals.