Monday, November 8, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed, and It's On Sale!

I am  normally NOT an American Eagle shopper.  However, recently I was directed to the website by a fellow blogger, In Dramatic Fashion.  I went to the site looking for a faux leopard coat (so cute).  I stumbled upon all of these other great deals, on sale, even better. 

Ladies, please help me with something.  What makes a jegging, a jegging?  I feel like people are calling everything jeggings now.  I am confused by this new term after looking at the first item listed below.  Corduroy jeggings?  Sounds cool, but these just look like skinny leg cords to me.  Jeggings should have an elastic waist band?  Help?  I am a fan of elastic waist bands, don't judge me!  I still have a lil belly from when my  11 year old son was born.  I said, no judging.  OK, back to my dilemma.  What do you consider jeggings, jeans+ leggings=jeggings?

Corduroy jeggings:  $29.95

Skinny cargos:  $29.95
Sequin party shorts:  $49.95

Butterfly boyfriend watch:  $29.50, buy 1, get the 2nd 1, 50% off

Heart boyfriend watch:  $29.50 buy 1, get the 2nd 1, 50% off

Rhinestone necklace:  $22.50

Military Puffer Jacket:  $89.95

AE Parka:  $119.95

Admiral peacoat:  $99.95

AE faux leopard jacket:  $89.95

AE rugged bomber jacket:  $99.95

AE Toggle Cardigan:  $79.50

AE Military hooded cardigan:  $49.50 

AE wool blazer:  $69.95

AE Equestrian boots:  $69.95

AE Moto boots:  $69.95


Kayla said...

I am not usually in to shopping at American Eagle either. Lately some things from there have caught my eye though. Maybe things are turning around!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Frances Joy said...

Wow. I haven't been in an American Eagle store in a long time but that's some cute stuff. I don't know what makes a jegging a jegging either. I have some super skinny, super stretchy jeans that I think are jeggings, but they definitely have a button and a zipper. No shame in the love for elastic waistbands. They are a lifesaver sometimes. ;)

Monroe Steele said...

Wow I love love love those watches! and that bomber jacket! thanks for those kind comments on my blog

xoxo Monroe
visit me again soon

Fashion Steele NYC

Phuong said...

nice items!

Jan said...

Lovely items!
Didn't know AE yet, gonna google it right now ^^

Mel said...

I LOVE American Eagle. I actually just ordered the equestrian boots! Cant wait to get them. Might have to buy the watch too.