Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Technical Difficulties!

 Sade called, she wants her forehead back!  Wow, and it's shiny.  Yes, I am still talking about my forehead.  This outfit post almost didn't happen and as I write this I am still thinking about deleting it.  I have been having problems with two cameras that I have been using for this blog.  So, what did I do?  I ran to Walmart and purchased the one on sale.  I didn't read the consumer reports or any product reviews.  Yes,  I usually do all of those things before making a purchase.  But, nooo, not this time.  I just pranced into Walmart and grabbed some Soy milk and a camera.  Who does that?  Me, I did that.  Well, I did that today.  Never again, I think the camera is going back to Walmart in the morning, I am keeping the milk!

cardigan:  Target
flower pin:  DIYed from an old blazer
belt:  Target
skirt: Parallel/thrifted
socks:  Target
shoes:  Tommy Hilfiger
Any suggestions?  What inexpensive camera works really well for blogging?

Besos, Lynn

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20 York Street said...

I can only imagine the conversation - hey Hunny, I'm back! I just went to Walmart to pick up the usual stuff - yknow, milk and camera!



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