Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is a super quick post, super quick!  Sorry about the picture quality and lack of a real smile!  I had to hurry up and pose before Mr. P changed his mind about playing photographer. 
On Friday the Mr. and I attended a Philadelphia 76ers vs. the Milwaukee Bucks game, yes basketball not hockey.  I digress, we attended the game and had a great time and terrific seats.  The home team won, yeaaa Philadelphia 76ers.  I love the excitement of sporting events more than the sport, does that make sense?  I love to people watch and the great half time entertainment, am I the only one?  Anywho, we had a blast.  We forgot to eat and ended up going home for waffles.  Another fun date night had by all.

I loved this great statue in the lobby of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.  Anyone notice the little boy who jumped into the shot?  See him behind the goalie mask.  He was too cute so I didn't mind.

Me and Mr. P shhhhh.  He does not know he is on my post today.  I took the pic while we where waiting for the 2nd half to start.  Sorry for the blur.  Love the yellow sweater Mr. P is wearing.  He needs a blog, he is very snazzy and has a bigger closet than me.  Again, shhhhhh don't tell him.  He never reads my blog, I think!

Besos, Lynn

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