Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am really about to tell my age, but I have to do it.  I recently purchased this skirt for $2 at my favorite thrift store.  That's not the age telling part, this is.  When I laid eyes on it, I had to have it because it reminded me of the 70's sitcom:  you guessed it, GOOD TIMES.  Yes, you heard me correctly GOOD TIMES.  Remember, Thelma,Florida, Jay-Jay, Bookman?  OK, yes I am really giving you a blast from the past with this one.  This whole outfit, especially the skirt is my tribute to, you guessed it again, Thelma Evans.  Those of you who are too young to remember the show can catch them in reruns or on YouTube.  Yes, I still watch, don't judge me!  I hope you find this outfit to be DYNO-MITE!  Sorry, I had to do it. (that happens to be one of the more memorable lines from the show.)

hat:  Target
sweater:  (Cashmere) Covington/Thrifted
jacket:  Express
skirt:  Clio/Also Thrifted
boots:  Nine West

Besos, Lynn


Frances Joy said...

I was not alive in the 70s, but I watched many hours of Good Times reruns. That is a great skirt and a fun 70s look.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I've never seen Good Times but I dig your skirt anyways. Plaid always makes me happy. The color scheme is very 70s to me.

xoxo, Ashley

Sew Inspired said...

Thank you for commenting on my page. I'm loving the chocolate brown. Great fall color. I want to find a matte chocolate brown nail polish. ta ta!

Stephanie said...

love love love love this entire outfit!!!! wish it would get cold here so i could wear my version. =)