Friday, July 29, 2011


Fairytales have been confusing young girls since the beginning of time.  Cinderella's glass slipper, the prince, mice as tailors?  Really?  Oh well, they had one thing right.  A man that returns your favorite shoe, is a PRINCE!
OK so here is my latest dilemma.  This pair of lovelies is currently on sale (at Aldo), but I really want the ones below?  What's a girl to do? 

Which one's do YOU like best?  They are currently $90, the green pair is on sale for $60!  I should keep stalking them right?  Sooner or later they will have to go on SALE, I hope!  Technically, I should not be making any  ANY purchases!  BUT, earlier this week, I broke down and purchased this, look below, go on take a look..

Isn't she lovely?  I could not resist!  A fellow blogger featured this bag from The Spotted Moth, and I could not resist!  I promise, this is my last purchase until September.  If anyone knows of a Shopper's Anonymous Meeting in the tri -state area, let me know! 

Besos, Lynn

Thursday, July 14, 2011

PEDICURE DU JOUR~ And A Little More!

  Ladies, if you are in the Philly area.  Run on over to The Nail Lounge and give your stiletto weary feet a treat!  Hey, I made a rhyme!!!  Anywho, the other day  I stumbled upon this Nailery and I was pleasantly surprised.  The staff at The Nail Lounge was attentive, professional, and friendly.  The Lounge also happens to be the only African American owned nail salon in the area.  Check out the picture, beautifully decorated, what do you think?  Did I mention they serve wine and cheese, well they do.  You can even have a girls night out at the Nail Lounge.   
The Nail Lounge
3981 Ford Road
Philadelphia, PA 19131

I like the color, it's Cantaloupe I think??  I made a point to read the bottle and still forgot the exact name.  I apologize, I don't think the picture does it any justice.  It blends with my skin tone a little, I really like it.  Next time I will try a design and a more bold color...  Besos, Lynn

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stay Tuned--Pedicure Du Jour

shoes:  Steve Madden

shoes:  Michael Kors

shoes:  Jessica Simpson

shoes:  Michael Kors
Trying to decide what color to to pick for today's polish change/pedicure!  Hmmm, seems I am stuck in a rut.  Any suggestions?  I am thinking maybe, PURPLE with a design this time?  What do you think, designs on your toes, too juvenile or fun and spunky? 
Besos, Lynn

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Damn, I'M HOT

sunnies:  Target
tank top:  Target
skirt:  H& M
shoes:  Target

Damn, I'm HOT!  No, really it was hot as fire in my garage today.  I thought I could snap a few pics and stay out of the direct sun!  Well, in hindsight I should have braved the heat of the sun!  OK, anyone available to help me clean out the garage?  No?  I don't blame you.  What you can't see is the puddle of Champagne that seeped out of the fridge after freezing and exploding!  That's what we get for hiding Champagne in the garage fridge! 

Besos, Lynn