Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stay Tuned--Pedicure Du Jour

shoes:  Steve Madden

shoes:  Michael Kors

shoes:  Jessica Simpson

shoes:  Michael Kors
Trying to decide what color to to pick for today's polish change/pedicure!  Hmmm, seems I am stuck in a rut.  Any suggestions?  I am thinking maybe, PURPLE with a design this time?  What do you think, designs on your toes, too juvenile or fun and spunky? 
Besos, Lynn


Keesha's Hair said...

I think anything you choose will be pretty! I was in a pink/orange phase for a minute until I changed up to Electric Blue! Designs and sparkle are cool in my book :)

Baby Budget Blog said...

I think a bright orange would be fun :) You should try the crackle design on your digits :)

Abbie said...

Hey! I need those jessica Simpson shoes ASAP! lol.

Judith said...

Hot shoes!!!!