Thursday, July 14, 2011

PEDICURE DU JOUR~ And A Little More!

  Ladies, if you are in the Philly area.  Run on over to The Nail Lounge and give your stiletto weary feet a treat!  Hey, I made a rhyme!!!  Anywho, the other day  I stumbled upon this Nailery and I was pleasantly surprised.  The staff at The Nail Lounge was attentive, professional, and friendly.  The Lounge also happens to be the only African American owned nail salon in the area.  Check out the picture, beautifully decorated, what do you think?  Did I mention they serve wine and cheese, well they do.  You can even have a girls night out at the Nail Lounge.   
The Nail Lounge
3981 Ford Road
Philadelphia, PA 19131

I like the color, it's Cantaloupe I think??  I made a point to read the bottle and still forgot the exact name.  I apologize, I don't think the picture does it any justice.  It blends with my skin tone a little, I really like it.  Next time I will try a design and a more bold color...  Besos, Lynn


Rose from Rosedale said...

Love this post. I was looking for something to do for girls night and you gave it to me. Thanks. Checking out this place ASAP!!!

Roxy Indica said...

Hello, Lynn, nice blog!
I follow you.
Kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Roxy Indica

Baby Budget Blog said...

Looks heavenly! Lovely neutral color!

**OnYxStA** said...

serious luxury envy right now
never had a professional mani pedi before *sigh*


Zarna said...

looks like an amazing place!!

Callie said...

Looks like such a fun place! Wish I was in the area to check it out. And I love the color - it's subtle but very sweet. Perfect for the summer season!


Elegantesque said...

Nice pedicure !