Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Damn, I'M HOT

sunnies:  Target
tank top:  Target
skirt:  H& M
shoes:  Target

Damn, I'm HOT!  No, really it was hot as fire in my garage today.  I thought I could snap a few pics and stay out of the direct sun!  Well, in hindsight I should have braved the heat of the sun!  OK, anyone available to help me clean out the garage?  No?  I don't blame you.  What you can't see is the puddle of Champagne that seeped out of the fridge after freezing and exploding!  That's what we get for hiding Champagne in the garage fridge! 

Besos, Lynn


Style & Poise said...

Love the skirt and tank...nice!


Lexy of BeautyFash said...

LOVE THIS!!! That skirt is so pretty, this is the perfect summer outfit. Love the shades too!

kdr*S said...

Girl I just keep mumbling "it wont be summer forever" under my breath like a crazy lady lol...Fall will be here soon, hopefully

Baby Budget Blog said...

You certainly are, girl!! HOT HOT HOT! Love this color on you!!!

Eboni Ife' said...

You're so preeetty!

I love that skirt. I actually have it, but have never worn it because I think I got it a size too small. LOL!! I mean it fits, but DAMN it's tight.

Anyway, it looks wonderful on you!

TheMadTwins said...

Great look! I have the same skirt! ^-^
xxx Paris