Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let it rain, I got new boots!!!!!!!

It has been raining buckets here for the last few days.  We did get a short break from the rain over the weekend.  Just long enough for me to snag some great new rain boots.  These great boots were only $29.99 at TJ Maxx!  Yup,  $29.99.  I got them at such a great price, because I can fit the children's size, SCORE!  They also come in hunter green if anyone is interested, AND has a small foot.  I am so enamored with them.  I even wore them all day at work.  Please tell my coworkers that you can wear rain boots all day, at work, sure you can, can't you?
sweater:  Brooks Brothers (thrifted $3)
denim shirt:  Walmart/Miley Cyrus Collection
belt: ? TJ Maxx

skirt:  GAP (circa 2005) -whats with that spilt?
rain boots:  POLO
Sorry for the fuzzy pics.  I got the SD card stuck in my computer, who does that?  Better question, who can fix that?  Anywho, these pics were graciously taken by my coworker with an iPhone.  They are usually pretty clear.  Better pics soon, I hope.  Still looking for the USB cord for the camera, wish me luck!
About the boots, they are lined on the inside, have slip guards on the soles, and they have wool tweed like brown material on the calf part.  Oh, I love them sooo.  Oh did I mention they are made by Ralph Lauren?  Yup, they are.  I know they are not as nice as the HUNTER brand wellies or the BURBERRY wellies that I lust for, but they will do.  So, let it rain, I got new boots!

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