Monday, October 4, 2010


shoes:  Jessica Simpson

shoes:  Steve Madden

shoes:  Guess

Ok, we get it, you were a size 7 1/2!  Why do they post the size on a big sticker?  When you remove it, the shoe ends up sticking to your foot all day!  That's what I get for buying shoes at Marshall's. (my fav store!)

boots:  Kenneth Cole

Well aren't we all a little addicted to shoes?  Cmon raise your hand if you have a shoe obsession and refuse to seek treatment.  C'mon I know who you are, dont be afraid to admit you have a problem.  It's ok, I will protect your secret. 
I called, text, and emailed several of my friends and promised to protect the identities of the innocent in my quest to compile a blog post of everyones favorite SHOES.  I mean the kind of "favorite shoe" that you would take off in the rain and walk barefoot in order to protect them.  I am talking about the shoe that when you wear it you swear you here theme music playing with every click of the heel.  You know the shoe that makes strangers stop you and demand to know where you purchased such exqusite foot wear!  And if that does not explain the shoe that I am talking about take a look below and see what WE have compiled.  I think my group of addicts, I mean friends  have done a fine job in assisting me in my quest to spotlight a few of OUR favorite obsessions.  YES, I am still talkin about shoes! 

(quick story)  I dated a guy once who fueled my obsession for shoes with his compliments.  He used to tell me how HOT my foot wear was and that he never saw me in the same shoe twice.  Say what? Well, him never seeing me in the same shoe twice was just a coincidence, but it  became a challenge to me!  Because, after that statement, how could I,  let him see me in the same shoe twice?  What pressure I faced now, but I rose to the occassion, I am no quitter thanks Flowers for the inspiration/compliment/challenge. 

shoes:  Jessica Simpson

shoes:  Rocket Dog

shoes:  Michael Kors

shoes:  ?

shoes:  ?

shoes:  Bakers

shoes: 9 West

shoes:  Joe's Jeans

shoes:  ?

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