Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little DIY

Hi, my name is Lynn and I am a trash picker!  Let me explain, if I see furniture out for trash I am immediately drawn to it.  I at least have to slow my car down and see if its some great vintage piece that someone is parting with.  I get it honest, my DAD is a trash picker too.  OK, on with the story.  I spotted a very interesting headboard and I had to have it.  So, I called my trash picking DAD and begged him to bring his truck and haul it to my garage.  He said, yes because he is a great DAD and the chief trash picker, don't tell him I said that, the trash picker part, that is.


I have been trolling some very cool sites lately and I got some really great ideas on how to spruce up the headboard and make it my own.  One of the sites that provided me with inspiration was All Things Thrifty  and  320 sycamore.  I took a few before pictures and I will update you as soon as it is done, good or bad.  I am so nervous about ruining it.  I have had it for almost a month now.  I cant seem to commit to it.  However, this weekend is do or die.  So, I have my spray paint in a glossy white, clear,  and KILZ primer too, off course.  I have an idea of how I want it too look so lets see if I can nail it.
Maybe I should do it in black?  What about, Turquoise?  Decisions, decisons!
Let me stay focused.

One coat a primer, well almost.  I ran out toward the end.  I have more supplies and now I'm ready to rock and roll.
Besos, Lynn


Lindy said...

Turquoise! For sure! I'd love it in any color though!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I guess it would depend on how the rest of the room is, but I am loving the idea of a glossy black!

20 York Street said...

Wow, turquoise would be stunning! If it won't match everything else, oh well, it will still make a huge statement, it's worth it! =)



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Sew Inspired said...

This is totally awesome! I don't know why yellow popped in my head. It's such a happy color...imagine waking up to that.