Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashion Rut

boots:  Tommy Hilfiger

jacket:  Target
shirt:  H&M
skirt:  Target
tights:  Walmart

Fall is definitely here!  I love the leaves that are falling from the trees great color palette.  My son insisted we incorporate this into our shoot today.  Good thing we did.  Because, I ended up hating all the outfit pics today.  See, when I was getting dressed this morning I really struggled with  today's look.  I was running late and needed something quick and comfortable.  I covered those two categories, but I forgot to include fashionable.  Hello, that is the point of a fashion blog Lynn! 

To bad the leaf wasn't big BIG enough to cover the whole outfit.  I will try again tomorrow. 
Besos, Lynn


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with this outfit - a blazer and skirt can make any outfit work!

I've had it happen before when I put something on that I feel great about and then can't take a good outfit to save my life! Does that mean then my outfit really doesn't work - or I just can't take a photo?!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

Sometimes that just happens with outfit pictures, it doens't always mean the outfit on it's own is a dud. Don't be discouraged!! I find it helpful to take a lot of pictures when I do it, because then you have much more to choose from. Options are good.

And I like this outfit, especially the skirt! It's such a pretty color and pattern.

xoxo, Ashley

koosh @ candidkoosh said...

Hi Lynn,
This is kashya from candidkoosh, I wanted to email you but I couldnt find an email directly to you so I'm doing the next best thing commenting. About the comment that you left on my blog - thanks for bringing it to my attention but I had never seen what you are seeing, i have a white background in under the copy and photos. I also work on a mac and checked safari and firefox and on our pc we have explorer 8 and it is fine. What browser and version are you viewing the blog, explorer is horrible for doing its own thing. i will try and fix this but there is a lot of stuff going wrong in earlier version of explorer to even know where to begin.

thanks for taking the time out and I hope you respond.