Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lynn and a little LAMB

Tuesday's outfit. These boots are by Steve Madden they are very comfortable.  They will be in heavy rotation this Fall, for sure. 
I am soo excited, Wednesday is Shecky's Girls Night Out.  I am a single mom, I NEVER get to go out on a Wednesday Night, did I say Never?  Well, unless it's back to school night or a trip to the grocery store. 

dress: ?
tights: Miss Sixty

boots:  Steve Madden "Mazzing"

jacket:  Gwen Stefani

I love the detail of this jacket. It once had several small buttons on each sleeve which I removed.  I  lost the final button today and someone almost lost an eye!  Can you say, wardrobe malfunction? 
  See the blazer is a lil tight snug, and well, I bent over to pick up my pen and the button kinda popped off.  No coworkers were harmed by my fashion mishap, this time.

Besos, Lynn


Melrose said...

this blazer is GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

really diggin' the boots!