Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out, Tommorow!

Finally, a picture before sunset.  You guessed it, it's the weekend baby!  I stepped out on the deck to take a few shots before starting my weekend errands.  I never noticed the view of the graveyard, kinda creepy in the background.  Cue spooking music!
Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  I am still trying to steer clear of any Malls, thrift stores, Walmart, and definetly Target.  I am in a self imposed no shopping zone for the next 2 weeks, 30 days?  OK, not sure how long it will last.  I will do my best, my budget will thank me later!

striped sweater:  XXI 
turtleneck:  Thrifted
jeans:  Levi's thrifted
boots:  Tommy Hilfiger


Besos, Lynn


Zarna said...

that long cardigan is gorgeous!!


Eden said...

great outfit, love the shoes:))))

Frances Joy said...

That cardigan looks so cozy and those shoes are to die for. You look so chic and pulled together and still comfortable. Hope your shopping ban goes well!

20 York Street said...

I've only recently bought into the long cardi trend and now that I have, I wish I did a loot earlier, i love it!

case in point - your outfit today!



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Elaine said...

Great boots!!!!!