Saturday, January 22, 2011


 Just a few scarves I have made so far.  I am really thinking about selling them.  Right now I am just making them for family and friends.  Currently, working on one for my hairdresser, one for Ms. Terry, and all one for ALL my girlfriends from college.  Wow, I am going to be really busy this weekend.  Let me get back to work,  these scarves aren't going to make themselves!  Have a great weekend!

crowd favorite, the orange infinity scarf.
Besos, Lynn


Becca [Free Honey] said...

I love these types of infinity scarves, I've love to see one even thicker and chunkier. Sometimes bigger really is better!!

Putting All the Ps in one POD! said...

I cant say enough of how much I love these infinity scarves!!! I would love to be your first customer!! Apple Green, please!!!!

kdr*S said...

I totally see you having your first giveaway with these scarfs... I know how badly I want one. Check out our first giveaway!!! Oh and we added you to our favs list!!!


Frances Joy said...

Loooove those scarves! They look so cozy and add a perfect pop of color.