Monday, January 10, 2011


scarf:  Made by ME
sweater:  American Eagle (thrifted)
jeans:  Levi's DIY and thrifted
boots:  Rocket Dog

OK, my Monday morning confession!  My name is Lynn and I am a crochet-aholic!  I have been crocheting non stop since before Christmas.  It is so relaxing and I just can't stop!  I have even made a infinity scarf for my niece and she is only 18months old!  The Mr. thinks I am totally crazy.  I overheard him telling one of his buddy's on the phone, "she's crocheting another scarf!"  HA!  I will have the warmest neck in the tri-state area.
Any who, not sure if this combo matches, but I needed to debut the purple goodness that I created this weekend.  I started on Friday and finished on Saturday, so what do you think?  You like it?  I smell a giveaway coming, so stay tuned ladies.

Besos, Lynn


awrightplace said...

Can I please get some lessons before the winter season is over?

Zarna said...

wow i can't believe you made that! what a gorgeous scarf!

Thirteenlbs said...

Purple and green is such a fresh, fun color combo. Don't be scared! You are rockin it. If you are planning on selling them...cough, cough-- I also liked that orange one from a few weeks back, haha!

Alysia Pollock said...

love the cowel neck scarf! :)