Monday, January 24, 2011


A few months ago I posted this vest from Charlotte Russe.  Guess what, I got it for Christmas.  Its beautiful!  I love the color, reminds me of a raccoon.  Don't worry no raccoons were harmed so I could have this vest, I think?
This lovely vest came with a pleather belt, I removed it.  I had to draw the line somewhere: faux fur+ pleather= a fashion NO NO for me.  The belt was really bad!  I digress, this vest is sold out online and in most stores, Sorry ladies.


This picture was taken on Friday, I promise you it was sunny outside!  I am looking at the pictures and thinking "who wears sunglasses at night?"  Not me, I have to blame the dark photo on my 11 year old photographer again!  Still looking for a replacement, but he works for food so it's hard to find someone to replace him. 

sweater: GAP
vest:  Charlotte Russe

Besos, Lynn


Corie said...

I really like the vest. I saw it at Charlotte and it was the last one...I kid you not, this woman practically ran over to the rack, almost tripped, just to pick it up.

It's very cute!

Thirteenlbs said...

Girl, this vest is so fly. I shy away from "faux" but definitely would have snatched this one up. Lovely, and I love the glasses.

BESOS LYNN said...

thanks ladies! this vest is worth fighting for. I hope no one got hurt!