Thursday, January 13, 2011

All Black To The Max

Well, I guess you are wondering, why the screw face?  These pictures were taken a few months ago.  My cameraman  son was having a moment.  At that moment, he wanted to play the Wii, watch TV, or hide in the family room.  Anything, but play blog photographer.  I have been meaning to FIRE him, but I have no other qualified applicants right now.  So, he will stay on the payroll, for now!

sweater:  Marshall's
jacket:  Thrifted-J. Crew
necklace:  borrowed from my sister
belt:  Target
watch:  Crouton
bracelet:  Tiffany & Co.
dress:  worn as a skirt H&M
boots:  Steve Madden

Besos, Lynn


kdr*S said...

Such a funny story. Since my husband has been home this week I have been having him take pics of me... he never says 1,2,3 or anything. He takes 10 pics of the same pose before you know it. So funny!
Im a sucker for all black. Love it!


Zarna said...

i love that necklace! you look very chic!