Friday, January 7, 2011


I love fur, sooooo much.  Real fur, faux fur, ALL fur is good fur.  Sorry PETA!  Please don't judge me too harshly.  This post contains only Faux Fur so no animals were harmed to make any of these items, that's my disclaimer, for now. 
Here are my tips on how to purchase a fur at the thrift store.  Here is what I found to be true in my area.  It is best to shop for Furs or any winter items out of season.  So, over the summer I look for winter coats and furs.  This summer, I was particularly successful.  I purchased one jacket and one long fur swing coat for for less than $20.  No, not a piece.  I paid $20 for two coats!  Score!!  My local thrift store offers 50% off after 6pm on Saturdays and 33% off every Sunday all day!  Can you say, FurTastic?  Just in case your local thrift store is all out of furs for the season ASOS may have what you need/want.  All the coats and  jackets were all under $200!  Which one is your favorite.  I WANT THEM ALL! 

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