Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why Pay More, if you could PayLess?

Happy Thursday ladies!  We had our first real snow storm on Sunday and Monday.  Can we talk about being unprepared for mother nature's brutal attack?  OK, a slight exaggeration we only got about 8 or 10 inches of snow.  However, I  was unprepared for it.  I did not have enough salt/ice melt for the walkway and driveway.  We also needed a new shovel snow blower.  I hate to shovel, by the way.  Snow is pretty to look at, but  not good for much else. 
Any who, this post was prompted by my recent trip to Payless to find snow boots for my son/photographer.  I must go on record and say, I am NOT a Payless kinda gal.  However, I was surprised by a few items they had available and since not ONE snow boot was left on the shelf in ANY size.  I took the opportunity to browse the accessories.  I purchased 4 more pairs of knee and over the knee socks for $12!  Shocked by the price?  I was very shocked, in fact so shocked that I went on the website to see what else I could find.   Any good Reccessionistas and Budgetnisas should run not walk to Payless and grab some leg wear and other fun accessories. 
Oh, and guess what, they have a few designers collections that you may like, let me know what you think.  I am still very conflicted about purchasing shoes from Payless, let me know your thoughts. Would you buy shoes from Payless, why or why not? 

Project Runway winner????
Here are a few accessories I found on the website today, all under $20

skinny belt

leg warmers

chunky belt

lace topped, over the knee sock
cable knit tights


Anonymous said...

someone i know who is ABSOLUTELY too fabulous for his own good, worked at many fashion mags here and abroad once told me in 1998 "if you are fly your clothes are fly no matter where you get them" i've always lived by that.

Mimi said...

I bought a really cute pair of boots from there last year. They hurt my feet. I love Christian Siriano's line but I can't bring myself to pay over $20 for anything out of there. Yes..I have bought many accessory from there. One of my favorite necklaces matter of fact!

Courtney said...

I love the style of Payless shoes but have found that most of them fall apart within three months so I choose not to shop there unless it's necessary (ie: if I can't find what I'm looking for anywhere else).