Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tabio is Fabio-losity

These socks, tights, and legwarmers are the only reason to LOVE the winter months.  I have been wearing skirts daily just so I can wear my new collection of OTK socks, thigh high socks, and tights.  I have yet to get up the courage to wear leg warmers.  However, this fabulous collection that Tabio offers has me considering the possibilities.  So, if anyone wants to send me a lovely Christmas gift, hint-hint.  Here are just a few suggestions.  Tabio has a wonderful selection and they come in great GREAT colors and prints.  It was love at first tights  sight for me.  Ladies, let me know if you have a favorite by Tabio or in your personal collection.  I would love to hear where you ladies are finding great leg wear this season!

Fringe leg warmer

russel ribbon leg warmer

sparkly leg warmer

rolled border over the knee sock

rolled border-striped over the knee socks

russell ribbon leg warmer

sparkly over the knee sock

jacquard snow tights

garter border tights
vertical crochet

denier tights


Elaine said...

I wish I had known about Tabio tights when I lived in Utah!!! Stinkin' cold.

Zarna said...

i'm also loving thigh high socks right now! all of these leg warmers are amazing - i want a pair!

Sunaina said...

I love overknee socks and tights like these, nice picks!