Monday, December 20, 2010

Calgon, Take Me Away!

Is it Monday already?  I am still Christmas shopping, food shopping, and  working!  Calgon, take me away.  Do they still make Calgon?  Hmm.  Well, ladies if you are anything like me you still have a few gifts to pick up and a few more pies and cookies to bake.  I think I may take off Thursday and Friday to finish my shopping.  I am hosting Christmas dinner, yes I am crazy.  This time I am co hosting with the Mr.  He is actually helping, it must be Christmas, HA! We have invited both of our families for appetizers and dinner.  My mother has volunteered to cook a few things, YESSS.  My sister, who is cooking impaired will make the ONE thing she can pull off, Macaroni and Cheese and the rest is ALL me.  Wish me luck. 
hat:  GAP
sweater:  ?
shirt:  Tucker for Target
skirt:  Thrifted
OTK socks:  Target
boots:  Nine West

Enough about food!  I am so loving OTK socks this season, can you tell?  My new fav, this cream pair!  Check out the texture!  I really tried to experiment with patterns and textures with this outfit.  Loving the Tucker for Target blouse.  It was off course on sale and I almost overlooked it.  Orange (large) polka dots and off course the tie.  I also wore this ensemble with jeans and a blazer, loved that combo as well. 

No makeup, yikes.  Just a little lip liner and gloss.  ladies, I need a bronzer bad.  Any suggestions?????

Besos, Lynn


Mimi said...

Why yes you are Kuhrazzzzy for hosting! Just kidding. Sounds like fun. I hope to host next year. It will take the entire year to get my dishes down so that they taste good. I got your email, but send me your personal so I send you some scoop on the blended family foolishness!

VeronicaGlam said...

Hi Lynn! I saw that you posted you had the Dany shoes from Jessica Simpson on your Christmas List, well I have even greater news! If you go to her website and enter the code get 30% off plus free shipping...act fast though, I do not know when this offer is over. I got mine for less than $50!

Nom Nom Nom Mom said...

You're barely wearing any makeup in your basically you've got natural beauty!! Jealous! Anyway, I don't use a bronzer per se, but love the following bronzer-like kinda blushes from MAC: Sunbasque & Margin are both great for my complexion...Happy Holidays!

Madonna (aka: NomNomNom Mom)

BESOS LYNN said...

@ Madonna! thank you thank you.....

Melissa said...

I love this outfit! The patterned socks, the tie peeking out from under the sweater, and those boots! You look gorgeous!

Sunaina said...

I was hosting dinner too, so much work!!

The past couple of days been super hectic and now I'm ill :S ughhh.