Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Must, I Must

I have been slacking in my outfit posts this week.  I hosted 14 people for Thanksgiving dinner and slept right through Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  I have just begun my Christmas Shopping as of 5pm last night.  Don't mourn for me, it is my own fault.  I have been procrastinating and not taking advantage of online shopping deals, bla, blah, blah.  Anywho, I have to return a guilty purchase I made last evening.  A beautiful pair of Makowsky wedge boots.  They were only $100 bucks, what a steal.  However, the guilt set in once I got home and realized that, not only had I purchased the boots, but I got a Mohair sweater, leather gloves, and new silk drapes for my bedroom. Yes, you heard me right I have a real problem and the first step to recovery is to RETURN these beautiful boots!  It must be done, and don't try to stop me, they are going back right after work.  However, I am keeping everything else because they were NEEDS not WANTS, so I get to keep them, right?  One last look, before they GO BACK.  I hope they find a very nice home.  Ladies, what would you have done, keep them or return them?

Besos, Lynn

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Mimi said...

Return everything else but keep those boots. Yep I said it!