Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking Forward

  As this New year is fast approaching, I am reviewing my resolutions from 2010.  My one unaccomplished resolution from last year must be added to the top of the  2011 list.  2011 resolution #1 is to pay off all debt and to create and emergency fund. Bottom line, I need to be WAY more fiscally responsible.  This will require me to cut out any unnecessary spending and to pay for all purchases using CASH ONLY!  What if any resolutions have you made or are you making this year?  Please share, or do you think the practice of creating resolutions is silly, let me know what you think.

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Carlos said...

It is not silly at all. Mine are daily resolutions. I got out of my account $20 dollars. I can spend it anyway I want it. No longer have my debit card with me on Saturdays. I tent to spend more than I should. I am making my grocery list and I am limiting the time in the store to 20 minutes max. In-and-out and with enough money to get what is on the list. bye bye temptations.