Monday, September 20, 2010

BAG LADY, What's in your bag?

Melanie's Botiker Bag
orange bedazzled leather make up case (DIY)
purlpe bag and purse hanger
Sephora oil blotting papers
lip balm
tampon holder

snakeskin wallet
louis vuitton

chloe sunglass case
leather writing journal
Melissa's bag
camera case
K20 drink mix
Lady GaGa tickets
change purse
tic/tacs/Orbit gume
MAC lip gloss (wildly lush)
purell hand sanitizer
Blistex lip balm
cell phone
Melonie M's Monogram Graffiti Speedy
DSW giftcard
nail file
coach sunglass case
coach make up bag (black patent)
check book
silver nordstrom gift card
Paris compact mirror
clinique moisturizer
hand sanitizer
smashbox  lip gloss
sephora compact hair brush
 iPhone and charger
How much stuff are you carrying around in your bag?  It is so amazing how many things we hide in our handbags.  What's in your bag?  This is the questions I posed to a few coworkers and friends.  The results, as you will see where varied .  I mostly carry  large handbags and manage to fit every essential and non-essential item inside!  If I HAD to name my essentials items, the list would read something like this:  lip balm, lip gloss, lotion, ipod, phone, camera, wallet, sunglasses, keys (off course), cell phone, emergency medicine (aspirin/gas-x, I said emergency!)  Anywho, I will post the contents of my own bag very soon.  Well, as soon as I clean it out that is. Right now, it is filled with receipts from the grocery store, my son's inhaler, and other unmentionables...  I must say that I truly, LOVE every purse I own!  I don't have many, but I only buy a purse that I absolutely LOVE.  They are never practical, always fashionable, at least to me they are!   I am currently lusting after several bags, here are just a few, take a look below.
Givenchy "nightingale"

Gucci "running"
As always, thanks for stopping by~Besos, Lynn

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