Friday, May 20, 2011


jacket:  Target
tank:  (grey) Target
dress:  Marshalls
belt:  Target
shoes:  Target

I am loving this belt.  I saw a similar one at Banana Republic some time ago.  This one is from Target for a fraction of the price.  I had to have it.  It actually is one belt, and it snaps in the back!  Love at first sight, seriously.  I have been scoring some really great belts at Target lately.  I swear I love that store they have everything.  Maybe, I should look into buying some Target stock, they need to make me rich instead of just making me FASHIONABLE!

Check out these Mossimo pumps from, you guessed it Target.  A few bloggers were raving about them, so I had to try them for myself.  They come in great colors, but I got the patent leather.  Definetly playing it safe with this color.  The Vivianna by Mossimo also came in Nude/Blush, but offcourse they are completely sold out on line and in stores.  Anywho, I rate them about a 7 for comfort.  They have a rubberized sole which makes them a bit more comfy, but they still became painful after 10 hours of running around the hospital in stilettos, bad idea!

Sorry for the goofy face and pose, but check out the shoes!



Jennifer said...

very cute!

Ife' said...

Girl, you already know Target is MY SPOT! Lol. That belt is super cute. I like this look. All black is always chic. Work it!

Anonymous said...

Love this look!

LADY D said...

your look is so wonderful *_* i love the maxi dress , beautiful shoes

Sing said...

I really like this all black look.