Thursday, February 24, 2011


This is my desk at work, I know its a mess.  It just shows how much chaos I manage!  Well, just for a few more hours.  I have made an executive decision.  I am taking off on Friday.  Yup, they will just have to manage without me for one day.  I think they can handle it.  See, I have plans to hang out with my good good girlfriends from college this weekend.  I have not been back to my Alma mater in a few years.  However, this weekend I plan to re-live lots of great memories over large amounts of Moscato and other libations!  Maryland, here I come.  I am so excited to see my friends and get away from home and all ALL the responsibility.  Ladies, I will see you all real soon. 
Anyone else, looking forward to the weekend?  Any volunteers to come organize my desk while I am gone?  You should see the rest of the office, shame on me.  But, I'm outta here!!!!!!!!


Mimi said...

Man, I feel ya! I need a break myself. My birthday is next week. Thinking I might put on a freakum dress and head out with the girls.

Have fun, and be safe!

Thirteenlbs said...

Good for you, girl. Have fun this weekend!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

Have a wonderful day off!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And my desk is waaaayyy worse (which I feel slightly ashamed admitting now...)

xoxo, Ashley