Monday, February 14, 2011


Guess where you can find these shoes?  OK guess again, your getting warmer.  Nope, these lovely summer shoes are being sold at PayLess!  I am on the mailing list for PayLess, let me explain.  I purchased my son's winter snow boots at PayLess every year.  So, every year I order them online and they send me a coupons and updates.  That being said, I am a "confessed" shoe snob!  Number one requirement for shoes, they must be leather unless they have Havaianas written on them.  Shoes are not suppose to be plastic, am I right?  No offense to a PayLess or PayLess shoe wearers.  OK, now that I have that out of the way, take a look! What do you think?  I like them all.  Should I purchase them?  OK, but  I should at least look and feel them first.  You may just seem me rocking these on an outfit post someday soon.  Especially the second pair, HOT!  Tell me what you think, be honest!

Besos, Lynn


Mimi said...

These are hot..dang totally feeling the second pair. If only I had some where to go!

Zarna said...

payless?? that's amazing!!

Thirteenlbs said...

All three- so fly. Those heels would kill me though!