Friday, July 20, 2012


Lynn, Joyce, and Zina

In July, one of my dearest college friends (Joyce) got married!!!!  Joyce and her fiance decided to have a very informal outdoor wedding with just family and friends.   Sorry I don't have more pictures to share of the actual ceremony or her fiance for that matter (my bad).   It was a beautiful and day and I really enjoyed seeing my wonderful girlfriends.  
OK, back to fashion!  Does anyone recognize the dress I'm wearing?  I will give you a hint TAR-GET????  Ladies, did anyone else snag this dress?  On sale?  I paid full price and even though I complained all ALL the way to the register, I must say it is well made and sooooo pretty!  I have worn it 5 times already!  I think it has paid for itself already!!!  

(back row) Tsulu, Zamira, AJ, and Zarin

These are our wonderful children.  Zamira is a true fashionista, I hope her mother (hint,hint) let's her start a fashion blog!
Besos, Lynn


LA Lynn's said...

Congrats to your friend!

The dress is darling and talk about getting your monies worth! U GO GIRL!

*waving* at the Kids! :-)


Malu Swartjes said...

Gorgeous girls! :)
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Sing said...

Cute dress, would love to see it entirely.

Pop Champagne said...

cute dress, and congrats to your friend!!

Denise Pacurar said...

Congrats to your friend!! Your dress is lovely and look at those adorable kiddos!!!

<3 Denise