Thursday, July 19, 2012


I really feel like singing At Last, by Etta James!  I have been trying to get my hands on this item for months now.  Finally, I can expect to receive a curlBOX in 5-7 business days.  Wait, did I start this story in the middle, YESSSSS!!!  Sorry ladies, let me explain.  OK<  My name is Lynn and I am a product junkie, OK,  I said it.  I don't want help, I just want my very own curlBOX.  and thanks to diligence, patience and quick fingers I will soon have one.  I have been purchasing all kinds of hair products that promise to define my curl pattern, moisturize my hair, and do the impossible.  I always have high hopes for products and sometimes they deliver and other times, well you get the picture.  In my pursuit to find the perfect line of products I stumbled upon curlBOX.  This will (hopefully)end my relentless search.  See, every month curlBOX will send you a few sought after products to try.  This will hopefully save me from overspending on products in my local beauty supply store (I hope)  Ladies if you are a product junkie, check out this website and I will let you know what goodies I receive in my August curlBOX!  

Besos, Lynn


Jennifer said...

I want to see whats inside!

- ME - Fashion Blog said...

a curl box? sounds amazing!!! I have curlied hair too...a mess and a blessing at the same time! :) would you like following each other?

addicted2Etsy said...

cant wait for updates...trying to get a sub...but they currently closed out.