Thursday, August 11, 2011


OK, it arrived.  So, here is my full review.  I was a little unhappy with the material.  In all fairness, the website could have called it Vegan leather, pleather, I don't know because I didn't bother to read the description.  OK, my  BAD.  I am a horrible online shopper.  Don't judge me, I saw it, I wanted it, I purchased it.  No reading required, I'm very visual.  This could have been worse, right?  I do, like the bag.  It is very large, I like.  It is fun and spunky, I like.  It is lavender, I like that too.  The material, well let's just say I am a little less please with that part.  Close up, it looks a little cheap?  No, maybe cheap is a bit harsh.  Scratch that, I like it.  I just wish it was genuine leather, I will leave it at that. 

 I am really digging the lining, also very fun and spunky.  I will carry it a little longer, hopefully it will grow on me even more.  I have gotten lots of compliments and I may rock it with the longer strap while on vacation.  If you are thinking of purchasing this bag from the Spotted Moth, please read the description.  It comes in Camel as well.  Happy Shopping ladies!              
                                                                         Besos, Lynn



what a great color!
kisses from prague!

Denise Pacurar said...

Sigh.... Love this!

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