Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have been gone for way too long ladies!  I am deep into summer mode, reading lots of blogs, magazines, and great books.  I have also discovered a NEW hobby.  This new hobby has been keeping me busy for the last few weeks. I have been cooking up all natural hair and body creams.  Oh, and I even made mouthwash for my son.  Let me back up and give you the story from the top.  I discovered or rediscovered YouTube.  I am now, completely addicted to watching YouTube videos.  I am trying to remember which blogger(s) had a link to YouTube that started this obsession?  I need to place the blame for this addiction on someone, right?  Anywho, I have made so many wonderful smelling products in my kitchen over the last few weeks. 

Here is my first attempt at a Shea butter based hair, skin, and body whip.  It can be used to moisturize dry hair or as a deep conditioner.  My father uses it on his feet and elbows (he has NO hair to use it on).  I have received positive feedback and lots of great reviews. 
Before I forget, recently I was informed that my Shea butter is really, African butter not Shea.  Long story, so I will save you the details.  Just know ladies, that whatever that yellow stuff is, it works!  But, I did  order the authentic unrefined Shea butter from Coastal Scents.  It is even more fabulous and it smells much better.  So, ladies please stay tuned for a DIY real soon.  Well, as soon as I perfect my Besos Shea Butter Souffle!!!!!!

Besos, Lynn


Baby Budget Blog said...

Oooh, this will go heavenly on my skin in the winter months since I seem to be one big ash ball no matter how much moisturizer I use! Wish I had the patience to do more DIY projects!

PS., oh and re: the cupcake quip, I have an increadibly good cupcake bakery just steps from my job and my day isn't complete without one of them :)

le sorelle said...

This actually looks like a delicious treat! I would've never guessed it could be used for skin - I love shea butter!

sorelle in style

Mugdha said...

Oh, wow. This is such a cool hobby! If you find a bunch of stuff that works well, you could always open an Etsy store and sell some of it!

Diva_Beaute said...

I am a fan of many youtube bloggers! Its good for summer hairstyle tutorials! So that I don't have to keep running to Kee Kee do to this heat doing a number on my hair!