Monday, January 16, 2012

Neutrality and Impartial Prints

A whole lot of thrifting going on here!  The sweater, thrifted.  The skirt, thrifted.  I paid less than $10 for the sweater and the skirt on two separate thrifting expeditions.  The sweater is made by Brooks Brothers, its the softest cardigan ever.  The skirt did not have a tag.  As you may know, some thrifted items are "tag less."  Hmmm, maybe the tag was removed by the thrifting elves or  the previous owner. 

shooties:  Ivanka Trump?
Am I the last person to discover these shooties?  I didn't know she designed shoes.  Thanks lil Ms. Trump!

skirt:  Thrifted
belt:  Old Navy

Besos, Lynn


That's My Mama said...

I love it! The shooties are adorable and your skirt/cardi combo is really nice :)

Corie said...

Very classy girl! I can never find good items in the thrift store. I say this time and time again. Maybe there's a certain time I should go.

Sing said...

Nice thrifted skirt.

Konstantine. said...

cute outfit <3

Sabina said...

Thank you for your comment, Lynn :)) Lovely skirt you're wearing here :))

Like Mousse Au Chocolat said...

nice skirt miss, come and enter first giveaway, good luck

Jennifer said...

I love the colors!